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Guide to Filing a Creditor's Petition

Bankruptcy Forms

Form 2: Application
Form 3: Interim Application
Form 4: Notice of Appearance
Form 5: Notice Stating Grounds of Opposition to Application, Interim Application or Petition,
Form 6: Creditor's Petition
Form 7: Sequestration Order

Note: If for any reason you can not access these forms, please email or visit the Court.

The following is a list of forms located on the Federal Court of Australia web site that can be used in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Form 1: Title
Form 8: Referral of debtor's petition
Form 9: Summons for examination.
Form 10: Application for summons to examine relevant person or examinable person.
Form 11: Notice to creditors of annulment application.
Form 12: Notice to creditors of application for review of Registrar's decision to make sequestration order.
Form 13: Notice to creditors.
Form 14: Applicant creditor's petition for administration of deceased person's estate.
Form 15: Administrator's petition
Form 16: Arrest warrant.
Form 17: Apprehension warrant.

Are you having trouble understanding legal words used in these forms?

Glossary of Legal Terms (Federal Court of Australia website)



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