NSW Arbitrators list 

New South Wales Bar Association

The New South Wales Bar Association have provided the attached list of mediators and approved arbitrators:

Barrister ADR Practitioner Lists  (updated September 2020)

The Law Society of New South Wales

The new panel of solicitors in place to take referrals under the Family Law Settlement Service (‘FLSS’) for the 2020 – 2021 period can be found below:

The Law Society of NSW Family Law Setlement Service Solicitors  (updated August 2020)

LegalAid New South Wales

Legal Aid NSW has implemented a COVID-19 Telephone Mediation Scheme. The Scheme is targeted towards separated parents in NSW who have existing parenting arrangements, whether in the form of orders, parenting plans or informal arrangements. The Scheme focusses on helping families arrive at practical solutions to give effect to existing orders affected by the pandemic rather than re-negotiation of the parenting matter generally.  

The COVID-19 mediation process has been streamlined and includes lawyer assistance for parties in a two hour mediation.  Means test eligibility criteria under the Scheme has been relaxed to allow people who might not otherwise be eligible for legal aid to receive assistance under the Scheme. Further information about eligibility policy and processes for the Scheme  can be found on the LegalAid NSW website.

To access the Scheme or existing mediation services, parents can speak to a Legal Aid solicitor by calling LawAccess on 1300 888 529. Parents may also access the Scheme through Legal Aid family law panel practitioners who can apply for funding on Grants Online.

Legal Aid NSW has also developed a number of fact sheets  to assist parents in managing their parenting arrangements in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in attending telephone mediation.

Legal Aid NSW continues to provide existing lawyer assisted family dispute resolution services including Early Intervention (parenting and property) Litigation Intervention and Court Ordered mediations. All mediations are now conducted by telephone and arrangements are made by telephone and electronic format.


NT Arbitrators list 

Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission

The Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission is a registered family dispute resolution provider for people experiencing family separation. The type of family dispute resolution used by legal aid commissions, including NT Legal Aid, is called family law conferencing (FLC).  People are encouraged to have lawyers come along to the family law conference, to talk about how to parent after separation or how to divide family property, and ideally to record their agreement in consent orders filed with the court, or otherwise in a written plan. During the time of the Coronavirus, NT Legal Aid is offering short conferences at short notice, to deal with issues related to the virus. Conferences will be by ZOOM or by telephone. You can call the Legal Aid Helpline on 1800 019 343 to find out more about family law conferencing.


Qld Arbitrators list 

QLS (Queensland Law Society)

The QLS operate a “Find a mediator” service through the QLS website  where parties can access a list of mediators, who are Family Dispute Resolution Providers, in their local area.

FLPA – Family Law Practitioners Association Qld

Clients and solicitors are able to access lists of mediators and arbitrators on 

FLPA Pro Bono Assistance offered

If an Order or Direction is received from the Court with regard to a particular matter in relation to which the Court considers legal representation is required for one of the parties on a pro bono basis, the Family Law Practitioners Association disseminates that information to members, and volunteer members contact the Court directly with regard to the matter.

The Family Law Practitioners Association have offered pro bono mediation services at callovers to assist the Court on previous occasions.

Legal Aid Queensland

Lawyer assisted property Arbitration and Family Dispute Resolution conferences for children and/or property issues by telephone. Conferences are facilitated to landline phones until further notice. Please refer to Legal Aid Queensland’s website  for further information about eligibility and how to apply.

AIFLAM South Australia

SA Mediators list 

SA Arbitrators list 

SA legal aid FDR services continue

The Legal Services Commission is continuing to provide legally assisted Family Dispute Resolution services in SA. Due to coronavirus restrictions, its FDR conferences are being conducted by phone or video links. These conferences help people to discuss issues regarding the care of children and the division of property and enable separated couples, with the benefit of legal advice during the process, to reach agreement outside court.

Lawyers and courts can confidently continue to use, and refer clients to, the Commission’s FDR Unit for family law conferences. The Unit can be contacted by calling (08) 8111 5534 or email

Law Society of South Australia

Law Society of South Australia practitioners list  for private mediations and pro bono mediations referred by the Court


Tas Arbitrators list 

Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania

The Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania is continuing to provide Family Dispute Resolution Conferences to separated families across Tasmania.

All of our conferences are currently being conducted by way of telephone link.

If you need assistance with your parenting matter we invite you to telephone us on 1300 366 611 to discuss how our Family Dispute Resolution Practice can assist you.


Vic Arbitrators list 

Family Law Bar Association (FLBA) at the Victorian Bar

The FLBA have provided a list of Family Law Barristers who are specialists in Family Law mediations.  The Barristers on the list work either exclusively or primarily in Family Law and Family Law mediations.

The list includes those Family Law specialists who are prepared to undertake a mediation for a lower cost to assist parties with their property applications when there is a small pool or the parties are on a low income.

For any questions relating to this list, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Family Law Bar Association or Jenny Howe (secretary) at .

Family Law Bar Association Mediators - Victoria 

Victoria Legal Aid

VLA’s Family Dispute Resolution Service update

Family Dispute Resolution Service continues to operate fully to provide family dispute resolution services, for eligible families, using remote working and online services.

VLA’s case managers continue to individually assess cases for suitability for family dispute resolution. They use phone interviews with parties as part of that process, as has always been the case. VLA is now running all conferences by teleconference using our pre-existing teleconference mediation processes. VLA Chairpersons are familiar with the process and will clearly outline it to participants at the outset of conferences, including how shuttle or joint sessions will work.

Generally, clients are currently waiting 6-8 weeks before an FDRS assessment. Once assessment commences, and a conference is suitable, VLA will then generally book a conference within the following few weeks, depending on urgency and availability of all parties. VLA continues to prioritise urgent cases where possible, including those with pending court dates to best accommodate court timeframes.

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The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV)

LIV Alternative Dispute Resolution, settlement and mediation services

LIV Accredited Specialist Mediators 

The LIV provides a list of Accredited Specialist mediators who are experts in their respective fields. LIV Accredited Specialists must have a minimum of five years full time practice experience and a minimum of three years’ experience in their area of specialisation.

LIV Mediators Directory 

The  LIV  Mediators  Directory  provides  details  of  LIV  members  available  to  conduct mediations. Mediators are listed together with their contact details, location and areas of practice. Listings in this Directory also indicate whether the mediator is accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) and/or accredited by the LIV as an Accredited Specialist Mediator.

In addition, the LIV members listed here  have expressed interest in mediating family law disputes.

LIV Arbitrators Directory 

The LIV Arbitrators Directory provides details of LIV members available to conduct arbitrations. Arbitrators are listed together with their contact details, location and areas of practice.

ADR Practitioners of The Victorian Bar

The Family, Commercial and Industrial Lists of Victorian Bar Nationally Accredited Mediators willing and able to provide online mediations. These lists will be kept up to date.

To access each list, please click on the applicable hyperlink. These lists have been complied by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of The Victorian Bar.

 Victorian Bar Nationally Accredited Mediators Family Law List – Remote Mediations 

 Victorian Bar Nationally Accredited Mediators Commercial Law List – Remote Mediations 

 Victorian Bar Nationally Accredited Mediators Industrial Law List – Remote Mediations 

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